Google is finally making Gmail’s right-click menu more useful. This means that the number of things you can do when you right-click on an email in Gmail is about to increase sharply. Which could be a real boon to people who always have full inboxes.

Saving You Seconds Dealing With Emails
With the rise in social media platforms and messaging apps, some people predicted the end, or at least the beginning of the end, of email. That simply hasn’t happened, and most of us still endure a daily battle to achieve Inbox Zero.

This daily battle to plow through emails means even the smallest changes can have a positive impact. One simple UI change can save you seconds dealing with each email, which, over the course of a busy year, can add up to hours.

Gmail Gets a New Right-Click Context Menu
Google’s latest change to the way Gmail works is exactly that. A small UI change that could save you small chunks of time. In a nutshell, Google has vastly expanded the number of options available when you right-click on an individual email.

Previously, your options were very limited. You could Archive an email, Delete an email, or Mark it as unread. And that was about it. Now, you can Reply, Reply All, Forward, Move to, Label as, Snooze, Mute, and search for emails, all from the right-click menu.

It isn’t a groundbreaking change, and we have to wonder what took Google so long, but it’s certainly welcome. As detailed on the G Suite Updates Blog, the new right-click menu is rolling out to G Suite customers now, and is expected to roll out to everyone else shortly.

Don’t Take the Right-Click Menu for Granted
Once the new right-click context menu goes live for you, you’ll be able to access it by right-clicking on an email or email conversation in Gmail. Windows users can also press the Menu button on their keyboard, and Mac users can use Ctrl+Click.

The right-click context menu is a truly underrated feature we all take for granted. But we really shouldn’t. With that in mind, this is how to declutter the right-click menu, and here are the tools you need to customize the right-click menu.